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Your Saorview Connect box can display both the English and Irish language (where available). To change your preference go to Settings and then select Language & Accessibility.

Check aerial, network, satellite and HDMI connections first. If that does not resolve the issue, try removing the power supply and reinserting it in order to reboot. If that fails to work, normal operation can usually be restored by doing a factory reset. Press Home on your remote control and then select Settings > System Settings > Factory Reset. You will be presented with two options:

  • Clear cache, keep settings - this allows the box to partially reset but keep tuned channels and other settings in place.
  • Factory reset - this completely clears all settings including stored channels, channel pre-ordering, and Saorview ID setting. Use this option as a last resort if the box fails to work normally.

Check that the volume is not turned down on your Saorview Connect box. If your remote control is set to control your TV, you can adjust the box volume settings using the buttons on the top cover. Also, check that the MUTE function is not enabled.

Yes. We are working on making more applications available on the On Demand menu. There are also applications on the manufacturer’s page accessed from the Home screen.

Ask your electrical retailer to supply an adapter cable. Cables can be obtained for the analogue output to a TV with RCA inputs, or SCART input as needed. Note if your old TV only has an aerial socket, it is not suitable for Saorview Connect. Call the Saorview team on 1890-222 012 for help with connecting to different TV sets.

Check batteries are inserted correctly. If batteries are exhausted, the remote control will become unreliable and will cease to operate. The red LED light at the top of the remote control illuminates during normal operation.

The Guide listings for free-to-air satellite channels may sometimes appear with ‘no data’ in the programme information. This is normal. Programme information is updated when the channel is selected.

It can take a little while for your box to boot up from standby. To speed this up, you can change the standby setting from power save (which is the default) to active standby (which consumes more electricity). To change your standby select Settings from the Home menu, then System Settings, and then Power Saving.

Sound and picture can sometimes go out of sync if the box is connected to a soundbar or other external audio system. Go to Settings, select Picture & sound and adjust the lip sync delay to correct the problem.

Check that your Saorview Connect box is connected to the Internet. To do this go to Settings and then select Internet Connection.

Check that the Ethernet cable is connected to your Saorview Connect box and your broadband router. If using Wi-Fi, restart your router.

Unplug and leave unplugged for 1 minute, before plugging the power back in. Check for latest software updates in System settings, in the Settings menu.

Check that your Saorview Connect box is connected to your TV using the HDMI cable, and connected to the TV aerial. Ensure the correct input on your TV set is selected.

From the Home screen, select Settings and then go to Picture & sound. Change the aspect ratio to suit your TV.

Check your aerial and connections. Call us on 1890-222 012 for advice.

If you have previously been receiving Saorview channels and satellite channels with an existing installation, then you can change your existing Saorview box for a Saorview Connect box. Remember that you will need to have a broadband connection to get the full service.

No. Saorview channels and the Saorview Connect service are only received via your aerial when combined with broadband. Additional satellite channels may be received when you connect the Saorview Connect box to a satellite dish.

In order to get the full experience from Saorview Connect you need to connect your Saorview Connect box to the Internet. The best way to do this is to connect the box to the router for your fixed-line broadband using the Ethernet cable that came with your box. Alternatively you can connect via Wi-Fi to a password protected Wi-Fi network. Connecting to a mobile broadband service can have intermittent results, so connecting to a fixed-line broadband service is recommended.

During installation of your box you will be asked to connect and you can change your connection at any time by going to Settings (from the home screen) and then selecting Internet Connection. The Quick Start Guide and User Manual show you how to connect your box to the Internet (both are available under Downloads on this page). Or you can watch the how to video on installing your box (also on this page).

Minimum 2Mbps broadband speed required.

Yes. Simply replace the old Saorview box with a new Saorview Connect box, following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide or the User Manual (available under Downloads on this page). The on-screen prompts will assist you in completing your installation.

You need to connect your new Saorview Connect box to broadband in order to access all the features of the service. We recommend that you connect to a fixed line broadband for best results. We recommend using an Ethernet cable to connect the box to your broadband router, or you can connect using a password protected Wi-Fi network. Connecting to a mobile broadband service can have intermittent results.

Minimum 2Mbps broadband speed required.

If you already have an existing Saorview box or Saorview combi box, then installation is relatively straightforward. If you are getting Saorview for the first time, we recommend that you ask a local retailer or installer to do the setup for you.

Yes, you need an aerial to receive Saorview Connect, as well as connecting to broadband. We recommend a professionally installed outdoor aerial for best results. In some areas, a good quality aerial in your attic or living room may suffice. Talk to your local retailer or installer for advice about local reception conditions.

Your existing Saorview box or TV will not have the technology to be able to receive Saorview Connect. You need to purchase a new Saorview Connect box to receive the service and this can be connected to your existing TV. Ask your local electrical retailer or TV installer for information.

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